Monday, November 30, 2009

Dress for success part 1

**I know I picked out very expensive stuff listed above... but it's polyvore.

 It's the holidays. A lot of people are talking about shopping and sales. But I am going to do something different.

Job interviews.

Exactly what to wear to a job interview. How to do your hair and make up. The unemployment rate has reached an all time highs. Companies are being bought out. A lot of people are getting laid off. (including me. But no biggie.) But there is an up swing. Experts have hinted that the US is clawing their way out of the hole. All I can say is lucky for me I have been getting some bites.

But here's the deal. What do you wear  to an interview when you can't afford a suit or like me don't like wearing one.

Hair's an issue. Make up's an issue. In this article I want to give you some guidelines on how to look great so you can smoke that interview!

There is so much to cover and my attention span will not allow me to sit still for that long. I will be doing this in a three part segment. 

1) I have tattoo's. Being in the computer business usually means everyone is pretty cool. Usually. HOWEVER! Don't test it. Unless your applying to Hot topix or a tattoo parlor keep them under wraps. In the interview you can ask what is the policy on personal body art. But don't display your flash.

2) Make sure your outfit doesn't wrinkle. You don't want to be called in a hour to go to a big interview and have to iron your shirt or dress. If you get a knit or cotton blend. It will drape nicely and not have a wrinkly back from sitting in traffic.

3)Watch your cleavage. I'm a big fan of wrap dresses. They make you look slim, professional and pulled together. However they do go a little bit low cut. Let's not repeat the super bowl Janet Jackson incident in your interview and wear a shell underneath. You can pick up your basic tank with spaghetti straps ANYWHERE, even Walmart. Get one in black and one in white.  Or if you have a favorite dress or top in a solid color get the complimentary color. Wearing a shell will save you face. Boobage spill in an interview or obsessive cleavage does you no favors.

4)Can't afford a suit? If you cannot afford a good suit. You have two choices: ebay or Norma Kamali at Walmart. Get your suit in black. Pick a print top to pair it with. If you go with a straight color top, in my opinion you will look too blockish. Like two tone spumoni ice cream.

5) Heels will not be higher than 1 1/2". Period. Leave the stripper heels at home. This reminds me of this girl I would work with. What a fashion nightmare. She literally wore club wear as career wear. I remember one day she wore this off the shoulder dress with black tights and black and white stripper heels. The dress barely covered her ass. This was tacky. Actually never wear this combo at work ever. Flats or kitten heels. Color is not so important as long as it is not see through. Peep toes are not good. Close toes are better. This was a rule from my Grandma. One time my aunt was turned down for a job as a hostess because she was wearing open toe's.

6) For me I like wearing a nice dress to an interview. In the winter I pair it with black tights he and a nice shoe. Summer nude pantyhose. See the trend here? Wear pantyhose.

Hopefully this will give you a general idea what to wear or wear to go to get something to wear. You don't have to wear a suit. You can wear a dress or skirt and cardigan. There are endless possiblities so you can still be you only look your very best.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mariah Carey's Ultra Pink

OK. Normally I am not a spaz for Christmas. But there is one thing I do love; Gift sets. I just love a good gift set. Why? Because for $20 you can figure out if it's love or lust for a perfume you pick out.

Walmart has got them some game in the gift set department. What orginally caught my eye was their Harajuku Lovers perfumes that were $27.00 each. Next to that they had Mariah Carey's new perfume Ultra Pink.

I actually like Mariah's perfumes. I think Mariah herself is a bit crazy eccentric. But for crazy "eccentric" she has good taste. I could be thinking this because we are both Aries. I have the perfume in the purple butterfly bottle that smells like sexy marshmallows and I like that.

So what's there to lose?

I located the tester. Which was 6 AISLES north east of the perfume aisle. I couldn't pick it up to sniff so I had to bend forward and stick my nose to the display.

Nice, I looked like a tard.

What did I find? Girly. Sweet. Citrus. Light floral. If you buy the 1 oz bottle it's $30. for 1.0 oz. If you get the gift set it's $20 and you get a .5 oz bottle, hand creme and shower gel.  Knowing the perfumer. A little goes a LONG way so I went with the gift set. I figured if my infatuation wore off I wouldn't be too upset for spending $20.

So I began to run the rest of my errands today smelling Ultra Pinkish. I loved it. I felt very girly and sexy. But not foo foo girly.  I loved the bottle. A clear hot pink. I think this one might be going into the collection as a day perfume.

This product is only available at Walmart.  But if there is not one located near you ordering online is always available.

Product information:

Get your diva on with Ultra Pink, the exclusive new fragrance by Mariah Carey. A colorful floral melody, Ultra Pink is flirty and fun and embraces Mariah's feminine side. Soft accents of cherry blossoms and wild berries, combined with signature dewy Tiare Petals and a creamy blend of sun-kissed woods create a radiant and vibrant fragrance.


First off it would have been nice to say the description to be on the package. Probably Mrs.Carter thought to her self that using 'words' were not befitting for a diva? Maybe they we depending on the sale based on the scent and packaging alone?  I dunno. But a description would have been nice.

Another gripe about the package is on the box it looks like it says Multra Pink. I get it. M is Mariah's signature. However a little distinction is needed.

The phrase: "get your Diva on". I have a problem with this. I just think it's sooo oh I don't know... 2000ish.  Tyra was flipping this phrase when she first started her talk show. I think it's a little old now.

Other than that. Love the product. Would recommend this one for your Christmas list!


Look of the day!

This is my look of the day. I have to go to Walmart and fight the crowds in search of laundry detergent and kitty litter. I also need to go grocery shopping like a mo-fo.
So this is what I will be wearing to brave against the crowds of bitchy stay at home soccer mom's.

Also dyed my hair last night. Crossed Intense Copper Aubrun with Intence red. Used 20 developer.Basically I made a ballistic cherry bomb red. My boyfriend will be over the moon. He loves me as a red head.

Have fun today gang! I'm out! Suppose I can grab an eggnog milkshake to put me in the mood and to deal with the crowd. Will let you know if a cat fight ensues. Which never happens at Walmart but always at Target.  Maybe because of the Carmel Valleyites? (They're afraid of girls like me with my cherry bomb hair and tattoo's. And they should be!)

Who knows.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eyeshadow Tutorial: Aromaleighs eyeshadow in Prim Tweed, Lychee & Umber

This is my first tutorial.

I have to apologize for the imbalance of light. I have this HORRIBLE digital camera. Granted it was bought well over 12 years ago. But at a whooping 2.1MP 4x digital zoom not to include the amount of money I have spent in batteries alone I could have bought a better camera. Trust me this year I will be getting that with my Christmas money.

Anyways. This is my first tutorial. I'm using Urban Decay Primer Potion. Boot's 360 mascara. Aromaleigh colors in Prim Tweed(Eye Plush), Lychee(Opulent Luster) & Umber (Pure Eyes Matte). Cover Girl's precision liner and a bunch of brushes.

Aromaleigh Eye Shadows:
Prim Tweed(Eye Plush)
Lychee(Opulent Luster) & Umber (Pure Eyes Matte)

All Tools needed for this demo:
Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Boot's 360 mascara.
Aromaleigh colors in Prim Tweed(Eye Plush)
Lychee(Opulent Luster)
& Umber (Pure Eyes Matte)
Cover Girl's precision liner
Angled Smudge Brush
Flat Brush,
Double Ended Smokey Eyes Brush

After apply primer. Place Prim Tweed from lash to brow.
A little goes a long way.

Just pat the color on using your flat brush.

Next add Lychee to the outer half of lid. You can use the same brush. Pat color on outer half of lid. At this time you want to grab your angled side of your doubled end smokey brush and blend using a left to right motion. Do not go above the crease just stick to the lid.

Add Umber to the outer corner using the cone side of doubled end smokey brush just dip the end into the shadow and apply then blend, blend, blend! Use small circle motion. It's OK if you get into the crease here. Just don't over do it or you will end up with a hallow eye. (think every evil Queen from every Disney movie.)

Next add a thin but pronounced line of black kohl eye liner.

Then smudge using your angled smudge brush.

Don't forget your mascara! Two coats!

Finished eye. With flash in bathroom/ make up studio.

In natural light.
Full Face in Natural light.  On face I am wearing Aromaleigh's Glissade foundation in W2. AL's Gothic Lolita Metamorphosis. Said eye make up as listed above. AL's lipstick in Tender. Ulta's blush in AfterGlow.

OK! Well I hope that you all enjoyed my tutorial. Please let me know if you have further questions.

If you would like to purchase any of Aromaleigh's product's please go to Kristen's website at There you will find a massive variety of eye shadows and other fun stuff!  Anything from a variety finishing powders, the highest level of correct colored foundations, super fun lippies and great deals!

I highly recommend anyone to check out this site. I have been a die hard fan for several years myself.

Special thanks to Kristen Bell of Aromaleigh. Thanks for making awesome products!

Have a great week everyone!


ULTA has FREE shipping for purchases $25 & up!

Ulta is getting a step above the rest when it comes to Black Friday.
I got this flyer this morning and I thought to pass it along to you.
Check out their website for more deals.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kiss me once! Kiss me twice!

C'mon pretty baby! Tousle me softly!

Product: Herbal Essences Tousle me softly
Price: $4.25 at CVS on sale for $2.88
Products tested: Shampoo, Conditioner & Mousse.

What is does:

Shampoo and Conditioner has touch hold technology for a touseld style. Shampoo has a refreshing clean but won´t strip your locks of moisture essentials. Has a fusion of wild violet & pomegranate leaves an extra luscious scent. Conditioner creamy formula, infused with wild violet & pomegranate, fights frizz and tangles.

How well did this work for me:

The reasons why I chose to try this product was because 1) I was bored with current shampoo/ conditioning formula. My hair was screaming for something new. I think we all go through this stage where our hair just needs a different formula of shampoo and conditioner. For me this happens about every 2 months.  2) Meg my stylist at Studio 56 in Rancho Penasquitos gave me a textured cut. I needed something to give me more movement and separation.  3) Reviews of this product were highly rated for the most part.

Originally I wasn't expecting any miracles. However this formula has surprised me. My hair is soft, not frizzy. I can tousle it and it won't sit weird on my head. Plus it is drenched in a lovely fragrance of violet and pomegranate. Meg would be spinning in her stylist chair if she knew I was playing with shampoo & conditioner that was under $10 together.

It works well for my hair type which is thick and layered. I have a lot of body, but not waves or curls. I usually describe my texture has 'walk like an Egyptian' hair.

The other reviews I have read about this product were from bloggers who were expecting wavy beach hair. Some assumed their hair would look like the models in the commercial. I was expecting to dance around my apartment like the model.

My best advice is that this product is designed to coat and separate the hair to create a chunking or texterized effect. Please keep in mind this will not happen unless you have the following: wavy/ curly hair, a textured hair cut with medium to thick texture or asymmetrical hair cut with razoring. This product does not make your hair curl but it was nice to see I had received adequate moisture without weighing the hair down and texture.

The mousse was very surprising as well. No sticky feeling when applied and gave me a soft and flexible hold when blow dried. I had volume, minimum frizz and shine.

Over all my hair smells great, soft to the touch and textured with volume.  I would recommend this product.


Back from beyond the Thunderdome

Hi! Some of you may remember me from my old blog: SnarkeeBritchez. Well I am back and I have decided to give this beauty blogging thing another shot.

SnarkeeBritchez was asphyxiated by my college career. It began to really run away with me at one point and I had produced a blog that was an utter nightmare. Let's hope The Beauty Baroness will be a bit more subjective and less hormonal.

I have decided that instead of focusing on just clothes that I can return to my true passion: make up, trends & products. I also want to try to do a few tutorials. I get a lot of compliments on my eye make up and applications. I would like to bring that to you. Hopefully inspiring and giving you the best information as possible. I do not have a video cam yet so we will be working with a digital camera in my bathroom. It's actually a lot better than it sounds.

I know that there are a lot of beauty bloggers out there giving a lot of advice. I promise I will try my best to give my most honest opinion as possible. I am here for you the 'everyday girl'.

With that said I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please drop me a note, post a comment or if you have a tricky beauty question let me know and I would be happy to research and answer it. Don't be bashful. For those who know me know that I am very out going and friendly.I promise never to 'snub' anyone.

Look forward from hearing from all of you!