Sunday, April 18, 2010

New name: Spunky Purple Cupcake

Ok, I know I have taken a short break from blogging. I needed to just get the hang of my new job. So there are new things and well there is just new things to talk about.

I was having an issue with the Beauty Baroness naming convention. I really didn't feel that I was a ruler in beauty or that it fit what I really felt like talking about and I was a bit too qwirky for that name.  So new found work buddy gave me an invite to gmail. Of course I had to drink the purple koolaide and lace up my purple Nike's and get a gmail account. Problem is my mother was not a creative woman and gave me a name that was in the top 20 for the last 30 years which makes it impossible for me to get an email account with my name with out adding numbers to it but since my name is SO common I had to come up with a non-name for my sparkly new gmail account.

I went to a random screen name generator which asked me to plug in some nouns and verbs and stuff to which the name: Spunky Purple Cupcake. I liked it...had a nice ring to it. Now what the heck to do I do with it?! I can't just email all my little friends in my yahoo account and tell everyone hey... guess what here is my non-name gmail account. But the good news is you all can email me at here.

Only question is should I change my twitter name to match my blog? Leave me a comment and let me know: Right now it is Darth_Mittens but that is actually a silly joke about my cat Aoife. Whom is sweet but part evil. (She get's it from her dad's side.)

hmmm... well I do have this blog I can attach it to, give the blog a new name. So re-imaging. I really wanted to discuss more than just make up and until my new laptop is built (then I can FINALLY UP LOAD ALL THE PICTURES ON MY CAMERA vicious cycle with electronics... I know but really it is not so bad. I get new techish like gear. That makes me just as happy as ... well great cosmetics? Cute shoes? Well practically all things Kawaii. So Purple Dell laptop is in order. @Tattitorres loves her Dell laptop so I will follow suit. Hmmp. So there!

OK other news: Tried out 2 new to me make up companies: Fyrinnae pronounced fyeer-ih-nay and Purley Cosmetics pronounced Pure-lee Coz-MET-icks. (Just in case y'all were wondering)

They are both lovely companies and I high recommend them. I would like to give them each a long over due review of their products.  However I will leave you with a little spoiler:

I did find that each had a lot of lovely products however I am especially fond of these products:

Fyrinnae: Pixie Epoxy which essentially glues sparkly/glittery eyeshadow in place. A great tool Keeps your shadow in place ALL DAY. And I mean literally all day. But washes off with water.

Purely Cosmetics: Diamond Perfect Finish Powder which is an amazing product. Leaves our skin soft & velvety. Gives you a healthy glow without looking like your rubbed Tinkerbell's butt all over your face. Also makes you look great in photo's gives the soft-lens look without the soft lens camera.

**Please keep in mind it's not that I mind looking like I used Tinkerbell and a powder puff it's just it makes older skin look crepe and I'm not into looking like that.

I will post pictures in the near future.  Just as soon as I get my sparkly new purple computer.

Ok my fair Maidens... until next time!



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