Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jessica's Daily Affermation

Such a cute clip. But really everyone should take a page from her book! I like my apartment! I like my horse! Ilike my make up collection! I love my boyfriend! Everyone!! Lets join in!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

RuPaul's Drag Race Parody HYSTERICAL (white girl on fire)

More Gay Movies & Entertainment News

Sharing with Robyn from Purely Cosmetics. Absolutely hysterical. <3 Chocolate Puddin'

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

Every morning I get ready in the morning I have GMA on  This segment Make Up's Dirty Secret: Haven for bacteria.Really caught my eye and I wanted needed to share with my readers.

First and foremost as beauty mavens I am sure we all know the guidelines on when to chuck old product. Some of us like to hold onto our favorite hard to find make-ups or think "well I have had this eyeshadow for 5 years but I barley used it so it must be still OK right?" No! It only takes one use and the the heat is on. Once you use your products you have exposed to mucous membranes, skin, open blister from a cold sore it will begin to build a petri-dish of bacteria like E.coli, streptococcus, pink eye, herpes to just name a few.

Secondly I'm not a doctor BUT .it's a known fact. Some people are growdy and don't wash their hands after using the toilet. So be careful when you are testing make up at the make up counters. A lot of folks would just bypass the testing applicators and just gouge their dirty little fingers straight away into the testing pallets. Which is actually very thoughtless and rude. But planet Earth is not a perfect world and a lot of their inhabitants ignore the fact they have to share this planet with other humans. So if your not careful you get pink eye because some doucheweasle (that is the word of the week, in case you may not know. @EvilAngel666 on twitter is making a point of using it as often as possible.)doesn't like washing her hands.

What can we do about this? First and foremost throw away that old make up! It's gross! and no one looks sexy with pink eye!  Also consider buying smaller samples of eyeshadow/blush or lippies. The really cool thing is independent mineral make up companies like Aromaleigh, Purley Cosmetics, Fyrinnae, Morgana Minerals, Glamour Doll Eyes (just to name a few) offer generous samples. So instead of ordering the whole eyeshadow, order the sample.It will last you a long time. Trust me! Most samples come in little baggies, Fyrinnae gives hefty samples in jars. Then you can use baseball card holders and a binder to store your samples. I have SO many samples there is no way I can use them all in one sitting. Order big on things like cover up, foundation, finishing powder or primer. This way you can save money and get more eye/cheek/lip colors!

I wasn't able to get an embedded copy to show here on my blog but you can check out the link here (PLEASE PLEASE very informative):

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guess what Bitches?

RuPaul's Drag Race season 2 Finale is coming up tomorrow on Logo Monday night 9/8c pm. The finalist are Tyra Sanchez, Raven and JujuBee.

 This season I really found myself rooting for JujuBee and Tatiana because you can tell how real these Queens were.

With JujuBee when they had the Diva Awards and JujuBee opened up about her mom leaving her with her younger sisters to raise when she ran off with another man after her father died when she was 15 my heart just went out to her. I just wanted to give her such a big hug. It's hard when you loose a parent, that I know, but to lose both is hard and heart breaking and yet she was kicking ass. I really want her to win because I think that she really deserves this.

Tatiana is amazing. First off she is so beautiful and I find it shocking that she looks a lot like Britteny Spears only much taller. I love how Tatiana was just honest in this competition and she wasn't out to get anyone. She was just there but not a door mat she will tell you off if your acting like a bitch. Which she did to Tyra Sanchez. Good for her. Tyra was acting like a brat.

Speaking about Tyra Sancherz....She can't act. She can't dance and the only music she knows is Beyonce? Tyra Sanchez only survived as long as she has because of winning challenges and receiving immunity. I really hope she doesn't win. She has a snotty attitude and I don't like that she was bitchy to my favorite contestants. Well to be fair she was mean to everyone... but I really think she will have a very rude awakening when she gets all the way to the end and doesn't win. She didn't even know what the or where BOLLYWOOD is! Well the judges didn't catch on either. Maybe JujuBee should have worn a giant rhinestone fricken bindi to tip them off. (ugh!)

Statistically I think Raven will probably win more than likely only because I saw the upcoming commercials for RuPaul Drag U and there was a shot of JujuBee and that's telling me she might not win despite that I really want her to win. I know that Raven is a hard worker but she really is not as pretty as JujuBee & Tatiana. But she has a lot of balls and big confidence plus she knows the rules. Do what they want and when you go home you can do what you want. That is what is really going to win this competition.

I think that the one thing I really love about RuPaul's drag race not only because Ru makes a prominent effort to influence and mentor these Queens but even if they are runner up's just don't go away. You see them in other shows, commercials, award shows. So is it really all that bad if they don't win?

Speaking about RuPaul's Drag U... Onigina & Juju Bee?? I can't wait to see what happens. So you think they will be friends or will they try to kill each other? I can't wait to watch! I'm not too sure if I can choose between them. I'll just default to Nina Flowers if they start fighting because she's my favorite Goth Drag Queen. The way how she does her make up makes her eyes look like a pythons; Like she's just going to swallow you whole.

So I know what I'm doing at 9 on Monday night.. rooting for my favorite Queen JujuBee... where will you be?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New netbook! Stylish & Technological!(Plus I got it 30% off!! ssh!)

HP Mini 110-1133NR 10.1-inch Netbook

I am so happy!! I finally found a Netbook! YAY!

The spec's:

  • Features environmentally responsible flora- and fauna-inspired design by renowned designer Tord Boontje
  • Start surfing in seconds with HP Instant Web
  • Sync your files with your primary PC easily with HP QuickSync
  • Chat face to face with the built-in webcam, Skype, and wireless
  • Travel light with an ultra-mobile design: just 2.35 lbs
  • With Microsoft Signature, you'll be able to enjoy your new PC within minutes of turning it on. We paired great hardware with a carefully chosen software suite, and it's been pre-configured so it's ready to run right out of the box.
  • We also eliminated trial versions and loaded your PC with productivity software that you'll really use, including programs for home entertainment, automatically updating security software, and Windows Live applications.
  • You'll also get 90 days of support for the software and one year of support for your computer at no extra charge.
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Happy Shopping!!


I love these commercials!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I heart Eyeshadow pron

These pictures are brought to you by Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy & eye-shadows from (Top Left ) AL 1)Cossette + Fn Cupcake Sprinkles, 2,3,4,7 Fn Fruit cake + Fn Meerkat, 5, Fn Starfish, Fruitcake, Monarch Butterfly 6,8 Starfish &Snow leopard. Latley I love using Nyx Doll Eye Mascara for long pumped up lashes. L'Oreal HIP Cake liner in black.