Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kiss me once! Kiss me twice!

C'mon pretty baby! Tousle me softly!

Product: Herbal Essences Tousle me softly
Price: $4.25 at CVS on sale for $2.88
Products tested: Shampoo, Conditioner & Mousse.

What is does:

Shampoo and Conditioner has touch hold technology for a touseld style. Shampoo has a refreshing clean but won´t strip your locks of moisture essentials. Has a fusion of wild violet & pomegranate leaves an extra luscious scent. Conditioner creamy formula, infused with wild violet & pomegranate, fights frizz and tangles.

How well did this work for me:

The reasons why I chose to try this product was because 1) I was bored with current shampoo/ conditioning formula. My hair was screaming for something new. I think we all go through this stage where our hair just needs a different formula of shampoo and conditioner. For me this happens about every 2 months.  2) Meg my stylist at Studio 56 in Rancho Penasquitos gave me a textured cut. I needed something to give me more movement and separation.  3) Reviews of this product were highly rated for the most part.

Originally I wasn't expecting any miracles. However this formula has surprised me. My hair is soft, not frizzy. I can tousle it and it won't sit weird on my head. Plus it is drenched in a lovely fragrance of violet and pomegranate. Meg would be spinning in her stylist chair if she knew I was playing with shampoo & conditioner that was under $10 together.

It works well for my hair type which is thick and layered. I have a lot of body, but not waves or curls. I usually describe my texture has 'walk like an Egyptian' hair.

The other reviews I have read about this product were from bloggers who were expecting wavy beach hair. Some assumed their hair would look like the models in the commercial. I was expecting to dance around my apartment like the model.

My best advice is that this product is designed to coat and separate the hair to create a chunking or texterized effect. Please keep in mind this will not happen unless you have the following: wavy/ curly hair, a textured hair cut with medium to thick texture or asymmetrical hair cut with razoring. This product does not make your hair curl but it was nice to see I had received adequate moisture without weighing the hair down and texture.

The mousse was very surprising as well. No sticky feeling when applied and gave me a soft and flexible hold when blow dried. I had volume, minimum frizz and shine.

Over all my hair smells great, soft to the touch and textured with volume.  I would recommend this product.



MissTat said...

I love these. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it makes my hair feel soft, smell great, and defines my wavy hair very very nicely. I haven't tried the styling products, though. I might just have to!!!

Michelle said...

The Mousse works great! Funny the finishing creme cannot be found anywhere in the stores? I heard great reviews from the styling creme. But so far so good. No complaints from me.
I really love the smell! Sweet and flowery but not too flowery. For instance I like tuberose but cannot smell it all the time because as good as it smells it's just way too much.

Glad you liked the review!

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