Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look of the day!

This is my look of the day. I have to go to Walmart and fight the crowds in search of laundry detergent and kitty litter. I also need to go grocery shopping like a mo-fo.
So this is what I will be wearing to brave against the crowds of bitchy stay at home soccer mom's.

Also dyed my hair last night. Crossed Intense Copper Aubrun with Intence red. Used 20 developer.Basically I made a ballistic cherry bomb red. My boyfriend will be over the moon. He loves me as a red head.

Have fun today gang! I'm out! Suppose I can grab an eggnog milkshake to put me in the mood and to deal with the crowd. Will let you know if a cat fight ensues. Which never happens at Walmart but always at Target.  Maybe because of the Carmel Valleyites? (They're afraid of girls like me with my cherry bomb hair and tattoo's. And they should be!)

Who knows.



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