Monday, November 30, 2009

Dress for success part 1

**I know I picked out very expensive stuff listed above... but it's polyvore.

 It's the holidays. A lot of people are talking about shopping and sales. But I am going to do something different.

Job interviews.

Exactly what to wear to a job interview. How to do your hair and make up. The unemployment rate has reached an all time highs. Companies are being bought out. A lot of people are getting laid off. (including me. But no biggie.) But there is an up swing. Experts have hinted that the US is clawing their way out of the hole. All I can say is lucky for me I have been getting some bites.

But here's the deal. What do you wear  to an interview when you can't afford a suit or like me don't like wearing one.

Hair's an issue. Make up's an issue. In this article I want to give you some guidelines on how to look great so you can smoke that interview!

There is so much to cover and my attention span will not allow me to sit still for that long. I will be doing this in a three part segment. 

1) I have tattoo's. Being in the computer business usually means everyone is pretty cool. Usually. HOWEVER! Don't test it. Unless your applying to Hot topix or a tattoo parlor keep them under wraps. In the interview you can ask what is the policy on personal body art. But don't display your flash.

2) Make sure your outfit doesn't wrinkle. You don't want to be called in a hour to go to a big interview and have to iron your shirt or dress. If you get a knit or cotton blend. It will drape nicely and not have a wrinkly back from sitting in traffic.

3)Watch your cleavage. I'm a big fan of wrap dresses. They make you look slim, professional and pulled together. However they do go a little bit low cut. Let's not repeat the super bowl Janet Jackson incident in your interview and wear a shell underneath. You can pick up your basic tank with spaghetti straps ANYWHERE, even Walmart. Get one in black and one in white.  Or if you have a favorite dress or top in a solid color get the complimentary color. Wearing a shell will save you face. Boobage spill in an interview or obsessive cleavage does you no favors.

4)Can't afford a suit? If you cannot afford a good suit. You have two choices: ebay or Norma Kamali at Walmart. Get your suit in black. Pick a print top to pair it with. If you go with a straight color top, in my opinion you will look too blockish. Like two tone spumoni ice cream.

5) Heels will not be higher than 1 1/2". Period. Leave the stripper heels at home. This reminds me of this girl I would work with. What a fashion nightmare. She literally wore club wear as career wear. I remember one day she wore this off the shoulder dress with black tights and black and white stripper heels. The dress barely covered her ass. This was tacky. Actually never wear this combo at work ever. Flats or kitten heels. Color is not so important as long as it is not see through. Peep toes are not good. Close toes are better. This was a rule from my Grandma. One time my aunt was turned down for a job as a hostess because she was wearing open toe's.

6) For me I like wearing a nice dress to an interview. In the winter I pair it with black tights he and a nice shoe. Summer nude pantyhose. See the trend here? Wear pantyhose.

Hopefully this will give you a general idea what to wear or wear to go to get something to wear. You don't have to wear a suit. You can wear a dress or skirt and cardigan. There are endless possiblities so you can still be you only look your very best.



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