Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Saga Make Up: Bella

I have been reading the Twilight saga and something has me thinking. Now I did see the movies I am well aware of the characters look like.But I don't look like them. So I did my own thing. Sorta. I was really geeked to go to New Moon that I did my make up for Twilight. Now mind you I am not a big Kristen Stewart fan. I thought they could have found a better actress. Bella was just the first and the easiest to start with.

I grabbed inspiration from the movies and the books and decided that I would like to do make up tutorials reflecting my interpretation of each character.

So each segment I will do I character, list what I'm using and how I used it. Highlighted links will bring you to where I used the unique items incase you would like to buy them. Samples at Aromaleigh are $1.00 and Kristen will ship the samples for free. But just the samples.

Still using the crappy camera. However new one will be ordered soon.

I'm starting with Bella. I got really excited because Linda and I were going to see New Moon after Christmas shopping and I wanted to get into the mood. So I wore my flannel shirt, lacy camisole & torn up jeans (they're cuter than sounding right about now) For make up I used all Aromaleigh products except for mascara & base.

For this look I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Boots 360 Mascara
Kohl eyeliner in black
Eyeshadow from Aromaleigh's Elemental Lustre Collection in Flash, Entangle & Swank
Eyelash curler
Flat brush
Angled brush
Domed blending brush

(hey look! there's my foot. hello foot.)

Colors: Flash, Entangle and Swank

OK little hard see.. totally get it.

I will explain:

Inner corner: Entangle
Outer corner: Flash

Next: blend like a mo-fo. Try not to go over the crease.

Take a black eyepencil and line you upper lash line. Semi heavy. You need back up for your eyelashes this allows you to make them look a thicker.


Next take your angled brush and put a drop of eyeshadow sealant then dip it in eyeshadow Swank, if you don't have that use saline solution. Line the upper and lower lashes.

Curl your lashes after your liner dries and then add two coats of mascara.

Finished product: Aromaleigh Glissade 2W fondation with Illuminator finishing powder on top. Romance at Dusk Pure Rouge blush. Entangle, Flash, Swank on eyes. Sylvie on lips.

(Can you tell that I'm Smeyezing? Tyra's way of saying smiling with your eyes.)

Thanks again to Kristen Bell from Aromaleigh!
Great products for the anyone with an unlimited imagination!
 Start playing dress up again!



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