Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I drank from the' drink me' bottle...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been wicked sick with a weird zombie cold. It was in my chest, then moved up in head. Then decided to hang out in both my head and my chest. I have been feeling a bit better, but still sleeping a lot because I have a constant migraine from unusual snot build up in the brain.

Latest news:

Have a Interview for Dec 31st! Let's cross our fingers and our toes! I have been trying to get myself as better as quickly as possible. Which will also render a new post about interviewing. Not sure if I want to wear the same dress. Need a new pair of black opaque stockings. Hanes have a promising set. Might swing by target.

What I wish I could wear? Cute skirt, cardy, belt over cardy like in the old navy ad's. I don't care if those mannequins are creepy that is a cute pairing. I feel the need to bring in some candy color in the new year and in my interviews. I also need some new shells.... sigh.. Kohls is having a sale. I don't know ... I need to save. Probably just get the damn tights. Besides dealing with people right about now has been horrible. Such yucky energy. I can see the Christmas Cheer has drained from the faces of the people of San Diego and it is now back to being self absorbent. Oh well. Sunday I was at the post office to drop off a large amount of bills and unemployment stubs and what not. I sneezed in my hand. I had no kleenex so I went to look in my trunk. Well being sick as I was and not aware of anyone around me. Sorta in a fog. So this woman in a minivan was behind me giving me this look: :/ . It's just all these old crones wheeling around in minivans. They all give me this look: :/ Yes that. I know what they are thinking. Because I'm acting like a spaz running around the outside of my car looking for a kleenex because I sneezed in my hand. I should have wiped contents from nose into hand on her windshield. Wouldn't give me that damn look anymore. But that would have been considered biological warfare.

Got some pretty wicked pressies. Will discuss in further posts.

Still shopping for a new digital camera. I look. I put it in my cart. Take it out of my cart. Put it back into my cart. This carries on for about an hour. It's silly. I can't make up my mind. I think whats really going on is that I am so apprehensive about shopping because my state just announced they will not be giving any unemployment benefits till further notice. I think California is becoming a rouge state, eventually we will revert back to the gold panning days and I will be blogging about shooting ground squirrels for dinner and my new buckskin skinny jeans with fringe. I have my severance and I have my Christmas money. But I am not spending anything until I find out when I get a job. So necessities now, once I have a job then I will shop.

Found a great place for purchasing a vanity... that link was also linked into my bookmarks.

I think it is better to be frugal right now instead of spending when I have the money and just save it. better to want instead of regret.

Will be updating with a few posts. I will go through anything that does not require needing a camera.

Thanks for hanging in there and checking in!



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