Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mariah Carey's Ultra Pink

OK. Normally I am not a spaz for Christmas. But there is one thing I do love; Gift sets. I just love a good gift set. Why? Because for $20 you can figure out if it's love or lust for a perfume you pick out.

Walmart has got them some game in the gift set department. What orginally caught my eye was their Harajuku Lovers perfumes that were $27.00 each. Next to that they had Mariah Carey's new perfume Ultra Pink.

I actually like Mariah's perfumes. I think Mariah herself is a bit crazy eccentric. But for crazy "eccentric" she has good taste. I could be thinking this because we are both Aries. I have the perfume in the purple butterfly bottle that smells like sexy marshmallows and I like that.

So what's there to lose?

I located the tester. Which was 6 AISLES north east of the perfume aisle. I couldn't pick it up to sniff so I had to bend forward and stick my nose to the display.

Nice, I looked like a tard.

What did I find? Girly. Sweet. Citrus. Light floral. If you buy the 1 oz bottle it's $30. for 1.0 oz. If you get the gift set it's $20 and you get a .5 oz bottle, hand creme and shower gel.  Knowing the perfumer. A little goes a LONG way so I went with the gift set. I figured if my infatuation wore off I wouldn't be too upset for spending $20.

So I began to run the rest of my errands today smelling Ultra Pinkish. I loved it. I felt very girly and sexy. But not foo foo girly.  I loved the bottle. A clear hot pink. I think this one might be going into the collection as a day perfume.

This product is only available at Walmart.  But if there is not one located near you ordering online is always available.

Product information:

Get your diva on with Ultra Pink, the exclusive new fragrance by Mariah Carey. A colorful floral melody, Ultra Pink is flirty and fun and embraces Mariah's feminine side. Soft accents of cherry blossoms and wild berries, combined with signature dewy Tiare Petals and a creamy blend of sun-kissed woods create a radiant and vibrant fragrance.


First off it would have been nice to say the description to be on the package. Probably Mrs.Carter thought to her self that using 'words' were not befitting for a diva? Maybe they we depending on the sale based on the scent and packaging alone?  I dunno. But a description would have been nice.

Another gripe about the package is on the box it looks like it says Multra Pink. I get it. M is Mariah's signature. However a little distinction is needed.

The phrase: "get your Diva on". I have a problem with this. I just think it's sooo oh I don't know... 2000ish.  Tyra was flipping this phrase when she first started her talk show. I think it's a little old now.

Other than that. Love the product. Would recommend this one for your Christmas list!



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