Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bumpit!! ooooh Bumpit good!

Bumpits. Are they the 2010 version of a banana clip? Who would know. I have been contemplating on trying this product. But for some reason I cannot get myself to make the full commitment. For $9.99 + my sally beauty discount it should be worth it, but why haven't I?

I have layered hair. So it should work.

Would add new ways to wear my hair.

Can really help with sexy French maid look to tease boyfriend. Bon Jour Brigitte Bardot!

I can appear to have more hair than I really have.


Might end up looking like Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee's play house.

Might fall out.

Might never come out.

Might look like a pale version of Snooky from Jersey Shore. (Because all us Italians look alike.) *

Might look like a clean version of Amy Winehouse.


Has anyone tried it? Likes? Dislikes? Has it ever fallen out? Let me know!

*predicting that the Bumpit will be a staple amongst the Italian American women along with bronzer, big earrings, Va Voom hairspray, Bare Minerals, Egyptian 5,000,000 thread count bed sheets, handbag sized Malti-Poo dogs, plastic on white furniture and having a perma-crush on the Gotti boys.

Ohhhh so sexy!


The Youngest Senior - said...

I too have wondered whether this really works. If nobody responds with feedback I may be tempted to go out and buy one. It's dangerous to let me walk into the drug store with a credit card. I come out with bizarre Bumpits.

Evil Angel said...

I haven't tried the bumpit because I spend too much time trying to get my hair not to look huge. lol

Susan of E.T. said...

I knopw this is old and I've used it...back when I didn't have layered hair... really don't need it... just backcomb and stick a sock in and roll it up! That's the wa they did it in the 50s right? And we ended up doing that anyway as you could see right trough the damn thing..

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