Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Science to what you wear

Happy Wednesday Lovlies!

Monday I was watching the Tyra show and she had a very interesting topic. Did you know there is a science to what you wear to get what you want? I can't remember everything. I was getting ready for class when she was on HOWEVER I remember about 90%. Roughly. The important parts. Mostly. Anyways I was talking to my friend Marina aka YoungestSenior on Twitter because I have been obsessed with finding the right black dress to wear on job interviews. I found one through Chadwicks and she said it was cute, which resulted in a twitter spasm on my end about what I saw on Tyra on Monday. It's all about what you wear not exactly who you wear. So I thought I should do a recap on this. Which would I thought would be very interesting.

Here it is:

What to attract men: Wear Red. There is one little stipulation you'll attract everything. So you have to have patients while weeding out Mr.Right. Not unless settling for Mr. Right Now is what you are looking for.

Keep in mind don't wear red lips with red dress. Go with nude lips with some gloss which is preferred. Go with a smokey eye. That usually slays them. It was mentioned that a sexy nude lip was most desirable. Yes, we ladies prefer to slather on th ellipstick, sometimes coating with a gloss. But I actually took this from my man's perspective which is if he wore all that stuff, I wouldn't want to kiss him either. Shoot, I can't even handle smely dorito breath let alone slimy lips.

Wear blue to show fidelity. Might cut down on how many guys you have to weed through to find the right now.

What to wear to get the job: a black dress w/ pumps. Not a suit. Wear a nice piece of statement jewelry so that you will be remembered. 9 times out of 10 you will be interviewed by at least 1 woman. Wear cool jewelry and you'll stand out. BECAUSE the woman on the team will remember that and would like to see you back. Probably to ask you where you found said jewelry piece. Plus black dress with pumps sheer black pantyhose actually make you look very pulled together. Skirt suit. Very 80's retro chic. Which is not too good. This is a tough market gotta fight it out. So look your best.

Going to the Beach:One piece bathing suits are more sexy than two piece bathing suits. personally with the amount of ink I have I avoid the sun like a vampire or cover up in as much as possible when it is summer time. BUT if you are looking for a bathing suit one pieces are more desirable. The reason for this is because you want an air of mystery. Only show 40% or less of skin. Keep them guessing.

Hot Date:Speaking about shapes. What to wear on a first date? Try a nice form flattering dress. You are trying to display your waist:hip ratio. Again stick to the 40% rule.Guys are still have a little cavemen in them. So when they see small hips and supple hips they are going ga ga. Most men (I can't say all.) Really want a woman with womanly figure. So show it off. Think of the movie sirens as of the late 40's and 50's.

*If memory serves correctly it's the Waist hip ratio around .75 is desirable. But I am a perfect hourglass which works in my favor. Little heavier than desired waist to hip ratio standards. However what I have noticed since I have became healthier and not so skinny, I get more attention from men. Never had this kinda of attention when I was a sz 6 as to my current 10/12. Then again I really don't pay attention to labeled sizes I go with what looks good. Always try it on, if not see the size chart for measurements.

* Additional fun facts: Did you know during recession periods a curvier woman is more desired? It's a sign of abundance and wealth. This dates back to (and I think, please write me andlet me know I am wrong and I will fix it.) But it actually dates back to the Grecian periods. Then again in the dark ages. Because a healthy woman was usually curvier and has the ablitly to bear children.

I'm just about honing my curves instead of straving myself.

Anyways... no more tagents!


ps.  The dress in question


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