Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello Beauties!

I'm starting a new segment called Love, Lust & Do Not Want. These are products that I am either truly in love with or I'm lusting over or products I want to dump.

Love: 7seconds leave in conditioner by Unite Eurotherapy

I have very weird hair texture. It's not curly, not straight. It has been exulted for the amount of body that it does have. Just recently my hair has done a 180 and now because of this product I can actually air dry my hair with out looking like a massive freak. I have been using this product for 3 months and I went from wirey to soft. It does not leave a build up in your hair. It does not weigh your hair down.

The claim on their website is their product will do the following:

1. Locks in color
2. Detangles in just seven seconds
3. Stylist's favorite cutting tool
4. UV Protector
5. Thermal Protector
6. Eva Longoria's favorite
7. All Hair types

Can't argue if Eva Longoria loves it, right?

This product is so good I do not need any other products. I mean other than shampoo and conditioner. But no silicon defrizzers which turns out the CHI & Biosilk are actually really bad for your hair and scalp. No pomades.  No gel. No mousse. Plus it really takes care of my color. I don't experience the bleed out and fade out like I have before.

Lust: NAIL POLISH. China Glaze to be exact! Nea at Fashioned in Finland started it! She had some gorgeous minty and lilacy nail polishes and it brought me back to a time where I coveted my HardCandy pale mint nail polish! I saw that China Glaze had issued out some pale polishes which I am sure 100% this is where the trend is going for spring. (My spidey scenesess are tingling!) Along with pale colors expect robins egg blue, lilac, lavender & green polish making a HUGE hit for the year.

Thanks to Alexa Chung's debut of fun turquoise polish last year:

Here are my spring picks:

For Audrey:

Refresh Mint

Light as Air

Four Leaf Clover:


You can purchase any of these polishes at Sally Beauty or Nail Beauty 4U

Do not want!:

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Yuck what a mess! All I can say is clumpy, gooey and gives you Tammy Faye Baker eyes.

What I got vs. What I thought  I was getting: Lies!

This is a reenactment of texture of mascara till I find a new digital camera.Not too far from the truth when it comes to the texture and consistency of this mascara!

I don't know what else to say other than do not buy this product. I could think of many other ways I could have spent my hard earned $7.95 on worthy products rather than throwing it away on this shit. Not only was the texture of the product confusing but also lacked any control.I nearly gouged myself in the eyeball just trying to apply.Frustrations galore!

There you have it! My very good review on love, lust and do not want!

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Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

China Glaze's Up&Away collection is too gorgeous :D I think I need those peaches & pinks too. LOL

Dani M said...

lol. Totally agree on the mascara. It's a torture device!

Michelle said...

@Nea China Glaze has a really fun peachy pink called Naked. Which I highly recommend! I also love Rich and Famous by China Glaze too!

yeesh. All this publicity for China glaze I think I should be their spokes woman!

@Dani makeupalley forums hated this product. I really feel that Loreal has failed the public when it comes to formulating any product. I rarely use anything from them. The last time I did it was a skin cream that gave me brown spots on my cheeks.

Did the exact opposite of what i asked for. Go figure.

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