Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm blinding you with science.

Last week I picked up a new product from Bath & Body Works.

Body Mist
Sensual - Sandalwood Fig $15.00
Feel irresistible. This fragrant body mist is infused with an aromatherapy blend of Sandalwood Essential Oil and pheromone to help boost your self-confidence and put you at ease so you feel irresistible. Spritz all over your body anytime you need a burst of romance. 

  • Breathe deeply for best results
  • Never tested on animals
  • Fragranced with Essential Oils and other natural fragrances

Ok so does this stuff really work? I wore it all week and did not tell anyone I was laced with extra pheromones.  I did tell my boyfriend Jeff. To which he said this experiment would not work on him because he was already was in love with me so the pheromones would have no effect. I also reminded him that the night that I had purchased the sample vile of perfume. I was also given a hand massage with the same hand cream. When I got home I had picked up Aoife and petting her and snuggling her, not because I was experimenting but because I forgot and wanted to say hi to one of my cat's. Jeff said that pheromones won't work on cats because they're not people. Well I think it did because Fionn got a whiff of Aoife and bit her really hard. Which most knowledgeable cat owners know that is 'cat' for ' I think you sexy.' or 'I'm turned on by your scent.' 

Jeff thinks this theory is utterly ridiculous. But he was not there for this unplanned experiment. So I'm right. 

Other than the scientific attributes of this body spray what did I think of it?  Well at first I thought it stunk. But curiosity got the best of my so that is why I bought the little vile to test things out. An hour or so later I really enjoyed the scent I was giving off. To me it did not smell like fig, but something warm and green. Not so much floral as is just a green plant like smell. It rounded out later with the smell of sandalwood. It was pleasant and I really did like it.

Scientifically did I feel the pheromones worked? I thought this was appropriate for my first week of work. I did feel that the pheromones did relax me a little bit and I didn't feel over whelmed or nervous like someone should be. Just relaxed and light hearted. If you asked me I think that the possibility that it might have been a placebo effect that gave me the the suggestion of feeling more confident, not so much what was in the perfume, pheromones or not it could had been I believed this because it said so on the bottle and I gave off the sense of more confidence.

Would I buy this product again? I might get a larger bottle of this spray. I would have have to conduct further experiments to determine weather this product really works. 

As for Jeff, well one whiff and he couldn't wait to get me all to himself. Despite already being partial to me already, I think this experiment might have had some effect on him hormonally. It also effected my male cat Fionn. He was more demanding of my attention. Wanted to be around me more and acted more like a shit to just get my attention. 

So it might've work. Again further experiments need to be done in order to conclude final analysis. 

I would suggest if curious go out and try it.  If anything you can have a lot of fun testing this thesis. 



SeeingSunshine said...

Very interesting! I was curious about all the pheromone perfumes, thanks for doing a post on them!

handcraftedCarolyn said...

I actually really like pheromone perfumes; I bought one from Lover's and the way it mixes and enhances my natural body chemistry is lovely. They smell different on everyone which is the best part!

Michelle said...

I really like it, it's just I wasn't too sure if I was making it up or if it was really working.

Frenchy chick said...

You are so funny. I will go to the store and try it. Just to see if it stink and then, like you like it later. XOXO

Frenchy chick said...

I just saw that you linked my blog. I will do the same . Thank you :)

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