Sunday, February 28, 2010


I did some mad shopping this weekend. But I guarantee it was everything I probably needed. (More than likely.)

I did my first order to Purely Cosmetics. I ordered the Oil Absorb & the Diamond finishing powder.  Which I needed. And some eyeshadow.. which I didn't need. I also ordered some stuff from  Which was eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. I did not need any of those things. But I wanted them.
I also went to Kohl's today and I got new bra's and panties. Those I needed. The 2 tops I also acquired in the process. I did not need those but justified that because I could wear them at work I should buy them. Plus they were cute. I was also at target this weekend. I bought new pj's (needed) barrette's(also needed, they are sparkley and cool like mermaid fins) new Percy Jackson book(not needed but reading right now) and gum(desperately needed).

Little bit of this. Little bit of that. Everyone always need new bra's & underwear. Plus reading is good for you. so is fresh breath. never know when you'll me Orlando Bloom. Not saying that would ever happen but just saying maybe it might.

Anyways. I have to get back to school work. I must study for a final.

Have a great week all!

TTFN - Michelle


handcraftedCarolyn said...

Thank god you got some bras!! :P I am the Bra Nazi. First thing I make sure someone is wearing when we go shopping is a well fitting bra. (we=shopping with any of my lady friends.)


Michelle said...

It is very hard to find a good bra. Victoria's Secret makes overpriced crap. I can only wear Playtex. I got 3. 2 Playtex and I am trying out Olga. Very cute. Have a side support system that can support a full trapeze act. I got some really cute roo's too. Kohl's was having a sale. 38 C. I love them by why oh why can't they make cuter well supported bra's for the big wahine's?

Bra Nazi? It's that bad that you have to do a snap check before shopping? Do you think this might be a WA.State thing. It is very rare to see braless women in San Diego... however more women have plastic in them here than most Honda's.

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