Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sundays Update

Guess what? I gots me a new digital camera! A Nikon CoolPix S203. It was $40 off at Target but not the reason why I bought it. The reason why I bought it was because it was because it was easy to operate.

I saw they had other cameras but I started to talk to the kid(I don't think he was probably not older than 17, when I had asked him if I could asked a question about the cameras his reply was simply: "What?" So naturally he had to be either a teenager or other worldly being like a space alien. But I'm going with teenager.) I explained I was technical but not camera technical so I told him what I needed and this was what he showed me.  He had explained that the other Nikon's had a lenses issue, but not with this model.  I kinda figured if it was really that big of a deal I could just send it to the manufacture and asked for it to be repaired. It was funny after I warmed him up a bit he was nicer to me. Because I asked him about other cameras and he was good enough to be honest and sell me something he would recommend. Apparently Polaroid doesn't do digital too well. :/  Weston(alien teenager from Target) also informed me why I had to be carded for buying canned air. Apparently a few weeks ago some lady had bought a few cans and was huffing in her BMW in the target paring lot. I know for a hoity toity neighborhood like Carmel Mountain? Soccer mom's huffing canned air? Does not surprise me one bit.  Would explain the shitty driving.

Did a test shot:

Me in my make up studio/bathroom rather impressed.
I didn't cut my hair it's just tied back. This is natural walk like an Egyptian texture.
I really love this top. 3/4 sleeves, boat neck and nautical stripes. Very classic.

I know that there are some unhappy reviews about this, but then again everyone is entitled to an opinion. I liked what I saw and compared to what I had before this is good. 

I really wish I had thought to purchase a camera case. Maybe next trip to the store. Will put it on my list.

Additional news that bugs the shit out of me
Please remind me are we in the 21st century? Have we  all decided that cigarettes are really bad for you? I'm a former smoker so of course I'm the worst one of the bunch. I can't even stand the smell of cigarettes. So... I will let you guess who has this monstrous ad in their magazine:

Ok that's a mighty big ad. There are coupons for this product.
Diet pills and Cigarette's. Nice. Don't even get me started on the diet pills. I think the website 3 fat chicks said it best: If diet pills were any good for you they would be endorsed by your doctor not a celebrity or fashion magazine. 

Are you shocked?  My disappointment goes beyond expressed. Out of all the magazines that are out there Marie Claire was the last I would suspect that would hock cigarettes. Diet pills? Fine almost all of them do but in this day in age to endorse cigarettes when we have been banning smoking everywhere else? I'm not OK with this. Scary things happen when you smoke, besides your skin gets all crepe and old looking, you smell like an ash tray, your teeth yellow and your hair gets wrecked. But have I mentioned that when you smoke and you are on birth control pills you greatly increase your chances of getting a blood clot? That is some scary shit. I had a friend who got a blood clot from Yaz and she didn't smoke! It's not worth your health, beauty or your teeth.

Ok Ladies. That is all for right now. I have to crank out some projects from my C++ teacher before he beats the ever living daylights out of me with his Deitel & Deitel Learning C++ hand book, the instructors guide. 

I will have updates on my Sally Beauty haul. They have a new shampoo. Sulfate free under $9.00. 



Phyrra said...

Honestly, seeing cigarettes in ads really bother me.

handcraftedCarolyn said...

Yay, new camera!! :D I like Nikon point and shoot but have a cutie Fujifilm with a sliding lens cover. :D


P.S. I like the new blog layout! "D

Michelle said...

@Phyrra Most agreed! it's just not right.

@Carolyn Thank you sweet pea! I actually saw the lay out on someone else's blog which redirected me to SO fricken easy! And easy connect to the templates. Very happy with the results. Totally recommend them.

Plus I love Shabby chic! Adore me Amore! I want to do my whole house in this style.


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