Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm a Sally Girl! (and I have no problem saying that!)

I love Sally's. I have loved Sally's since I was a teenager. It's not Sephora or Ulta, but it was there before they opened and there for my fist love. I love my current Sally Beauty in Carmel Mountain. The girls are very nice plus they have Kenneth. A stylist who was a colorist or was a colorist I think he still is? But he's always very happy to give good advice. Such a sweet guy. Scorpio, so works well around women because he's a flirt.

I went yesterday in search of some favorites:

Queen Helene's Jojoba Oil treatment( the best hot oil treatment on the planet)

A sample size  of Argan Oil ( I had the big bottle, but for some reason I think it went bad and tossed it so now I need it because the rain we all screwed up my hair. Something with San Diego water and  rain just really messes everything up. Despite being a very large city. Handling rain was always a problem here.)

Hairtrition: Shampoo sulfate free color safe shampoo Conditioner that prevents up to 63% breakage. Plus when you buy both you get a free full bottle of deep conditioning mask or leave in color protective spray. I went with the mask.

What is Hairtrition from Sally's website: You may eat right and exercise daily, but just how healthy is your hair? It might be lacking essential nutrients it needs to look its best. Hairtrition delivers the vital nutrients your hair requires to be unbelievably manageable, silky, shiny and radiant.

Hairtrition Color Protect products with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Extract and UVA/UVB Protectants protect color up to 66% longer!* Sulfate-free color protect shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair without the use of harsh sulfate or surfactants.  Color protect conditioner hydrates color-treated hair. Color protect leave-in detangler nourishes and creates a protective shield to lock in vibrancy and strengthen hair. Will not weigh down hair nor make it oily.
* Sulfate-free Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a sulfate leading professional shampoo and conditioner. 

Hairtrition Moisturizing products infuse hair with Lllipe Butter, Honey and White Lily Extract to moisturize and fortify dry, damaged hair while reducing breakage by up to 63%*! Moiturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner hydrates and fortifies dry damaged hair. The 3-Minute Deep Moisture Treatment saturates dry, damaged hair and smoothes frayed cuticles.

*Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and Deep Moisture Treatment vs. untreated hair.

So today is day 1 of using the Hairtrition program: Shampoo had a light coconut smell, medium suds. Clean rinse. Deep Mask had a green smell and silky feel when applied. Waited 3 minutes then rinsed. I think I missed a clump of hair in the back of my head because it was very dry feeling so I went back over the the regular conditioner  treatment only on the ends. Again very silky. Smelled a little greenish/ flowery but not over powering then rinsed. I really liked that they did not go overboard with the perfume in this line. With more expensive and inexpensive brands, because I am a migraine sensitive person I have to watch out for scents. Even strong smelling shampoo's can give me a raging headache.

This product is made by Zotos. Which makes a lot of products sold at Sally beauty, both cleaning, and retexturizing.

My hair is a bit temperamental. I can go good with a shampoo and conditioner for about 12 weeks before my hair screams that it does not like it and dry out and loose it's luster.

They says you get with you pay for, but I don't think this statement applies to ALL hair products. Some yes. Not all.  My hair has pulled this act with cheap and very expensive shampoo's. So I think this reverts back to my original theory that base the product to what works with your body chemistry. Same goes with your skin. What works for me may not work for you. My only hope is to give you some insight of where to start.

I let my hair air dry because the weather is weird and I have homework and I don't have the time to really mess with it. (I know I should be doing homework) I have been messing around way too long.) Ugh.. I need to stop procrastinating!

Eitherly... moving forward:

I did add a touch of Argan OilOne 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment is a unique finishing, smoothing and conditioning product derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. Compare to Moroccan Oil and save! Moroccan Oil sells for $40 a bottle. We are in a recession. I love my stylist. But I will not pay for this amount when I can find the same thing only cheaper.

So far so good. Very soft & silky. No dryness. So for $33 I got 2 bottles of jojoba hot oil treatment, a small bottle of argan oil, shampoo, conditioner and a free full size hair mask. Oh yeah and a bottle of China Glaze nail polish in Naked( because I am nail polish freak and can't help myself).

The Sally Beauty discount is amazing! You pay $5 to get started and then they give you a $5 coupon for getting the discount card to use the next month. Can't beat that with a stick.

Ok gotta go! the day is slipping past me as I stand still. Where does the day go?

ttfn! Michelle


Anastasia said...

I hate Sally's.

I'd probably really like their products. I've only been twice.

The first time, the woman in the shop glared at me, after I spent a minute (literally) looking around, snapped "Yes?"

I explained that I was looking for brush cleaner, so she pointed, with "There. Right there." I looked, checked the price, said I'd pop back in before they closed, and she gave me a curt "Ok" and then asked me to leave. I think she wanted to close the shop momentarily for something, but it was an hour before they shut, and there's no reason to treat a customer like that.

Second time I went in, it was full of about 7 customers, some queuing, some browsing. I was there 15 minutes, and didn't see a single staff member. There was no one on the shop floor. A girl eventually came in from outside, saw this, swore loudly, said "I can't believe they've left me with this" and hopped on the till to start serving people. She didn't know anything about the products, so I haven't got a clue whether she worked there or not, but I'm astounded anyone left the shop unmanned, open, in the middle of the day, for over 20 minutes.

Michelle said...

@Anastasia WOW. Talk about shit customer service! I would have done the same thing. it sounds like there are some management issues. if you ever come to San Diego I will bring you to mine and will let Kenneth enchant you. I don't know what it is about him but he is such a dear old man.

Managers and shop owners do not understand how important customer service is. When you have bad customer service you have no sales.

I will admit that it is hit or miss when it comes to some products at Sally's but you just have to weed that out.

I'm just very surprised they were that rude to you. Sounds like a management problem. Unfortunately I am such a bitch I will find out who manages the store and call them with a report of their ill tempered employee. I refuse to put up with that kind of behavior. I'm very sorry it was such a bad experience. They do have some great stuff, regardless of staff. Helps out when you're on the student budget.

They do have these make up towlettes:,default,pd.html

Which work great. But you have to keep the pouch sealed really tight otherwise they will dry out. I keep the freshness seal still on on top of the snap top to keep the freshness. Great for eye shadow brushes and quick color changes.

I hope that helps.


Michelle said...

@Anastasia Actually let me alter my answer just a bit. Depending how rude she was I might've just asked her if she was off her meds.

Wow. What a bitch!

handcraftedCarolyn said...

Ana, that sucks!

I have always gone to Sally's, since middle school, because they always had ManicPanic hair dye and that is of course the best crazy colors. Also, you can buy 'professional' hair color. :D One of my best friends works at Sally's in my hometown and she knows a lot about the products, because she is a beauty freak and has worked there forever.

:D The only problem now is that the location nearest me is in a crappy strip mall with crappy parking.

I would like to try the Argan oil, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $9 on a bottle. However, I did purchase some CrocoClips this weekend since they were $1 off. :D

Michelle said...

@Caro they have the Argan Oil sample bottle for $2.49, but with Sally's discount I think it's like $1.50?

What are Croco Clips?!?

Dani M said...

I'm lusting for Argan Oil!

I tagged you :)

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