Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new hair color: Black Raspberry

OK So I did my hair today. Actually Stylist Meg did my hair today. She did this crazy crushed cranberry on top and black underneath. 
On Eyes: Top: Black liquid liner on top, Urban Decay in Crush on the bottom in the corners cat eyed out Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy glitter liner. Face: Meow Cosmetics foundation in Chartreux and Aromaleigh's Finishing Illuminator powder.

:D I have rock star hair!

To top it off I also went to Old Navy and I got the hottest raspberry cords on SALE!!!! Last one in my size too ;) (go me!) and other many hot stuff also on sale.

Perfect RockStar day minus the paparazzi!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I drank from the' drink me' bottle...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been wicked sick with a weird zombie cold. It was in my chest, then moved up in head. Then decided to hang out in both my head and my chest. I have been feeling a bit better, but still sleeping a lot because I have a constant migraine from unusual snot build up in the brain.

Latest news:

Have a Interview for Dec 31st! Let's cross our fingers and our toes! I have been trying to get myself as better as quickly as possible. Which will also render a new post about interviewing. Not sure if I want to wear the same dress. Need a new pair of black opaque stockings. Hanes have a promising set. Might swing by target.

What I wish I could wear? Cute skirt, cardy, belt over cardy like in the old navy ad's. I don't care if those mannequins are creepy that is a cute pairing. I feel the need to bring in some candy color in the new year and in my interviews. I also need some new shells.... sigh.. Kohls is having a sale. I don't know ... I need to save. Probably just get the damn tights. Besides dealing with people right about now has been horrible. Such yucky energy. I can see the Christmas Cheer has drained from the faces of the people of San Diego and it is now back to being self absorbent. Oh well. Sunday I was at the post office to drop off a large amount of bills and unemployment stubs and what not. I sneezed in my hand. I had no kleenex so I went to look in my trunk. Well being sick as I was and not aware of anyone around me. Sorta in a fog. So this woman in a minivan was behind me giving me this look: :/ . It's just all these old crones wheeling around in minivans. They all give me this look: :/ Yes that. I know what they are thinking. Because I'm acting like a spaz running around the outside of my car looking for a kleenex because I sneezed in my hand. I should have wiped contents from nose into hand on her windshield. Wouldn't give me that damn look anymore. But that would have been considered biological warfare.

Got some pretty wicked pressies. Will discuss in further posts.

Still shopping for a new digital camera. I look. I put it in my cart. Take it out of my cart. Put it back into my cart. This carries on for about an hour. It's silly. I can't make up my mind. I think whats really going on is that I am so apprehensive about shopping because my state just announced they will not be giving any unemployment benefits till further notice. I think California is becoming a rouge state, eventually we will revert back to the gold panning days and I will be blogging about shooting ground squirrels for dinner and my new buckskin skinny jeans with fringe. I have my severance and I have my Christmas money. But I am not spending anything until I find out when I get a job. So necessities now, once I have a job then I will shop.

Found a great place for purchasing a vanity... that link was also linked into my bookmarks.

I think it is better to be frugal right now instead of spending when I have the money and just save it. better to want instead of regret.

Will be updating with a few posts. I will go through anything that does not require needing a camera.

Thanks for hanging in there and checking in!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Writting... sci-fi stuff not beauty stuff but still good stuff.

Hi Ladies! I really wanted to share with each of you the two projects that I painstakingly worked on for the last few weeks. These were writing assignments were for my science fiction class. The first was to write a science fiction short story. I did a pseudo romantic/ adventure story called Star Crossed. The second was to write about a way of life in the future and I wrote an ad for the Teleporto-matic! Quantum Teleportation device. I did it in the style of a 1950's ad. SO.. Please read and enjoy. It was made with a little tongue and cheek!

The Teleporto-Matic!

In there year 2100 the age of planes, trains and automobiles will be of the past. Instead of waiting in traffic, getting hit by a reckless driver or having to suffer jet lag after sitting on a 21 hour flight from your home to an exotic location. You can just jump on you local Teleporto-Matic! Instantly no excuse for not being able to afford the flight or not having the time to visit distant relatives. Just jump on the transport pad at the docking station and be particalized to you're next destination! Sounds exciting? Let me tell you more!

Want to see a show on Broadway but live in Albuquerque? Just use your Teleporto-Matic pass and you're off! Want to see India on a sunny afternoon? NO PROBLEM! Get you're international Teleporto-Matic pass and you are on you're way! You're Aunt Themla in Poughkeepsie won't ever be lonely on a Tuesday afternoon ever again! Thanks to the trusty and safe Teleporto-Matic! You can hop on over and take her to the early bird special at the New Bob Evan's restaurant! No excuse too little or too big! You'll never be late for work, doctors appointment or tax evasion. Never again will you have an excuse for going to your cousin Edna's fourth wedding or attending cousin Jimmy's ear screeching vilo-cello recital. Looking for a parking space at the mall will be something of the past! Just jump into the Teleporto-Matic and you're there!
Teleporto-Matic process works easily. You step on to the teleoport pad. Wave your pass in front of the sensor. You will then be prompt by the vocal assistant to where you would live to travel. Clearly state the desired address or city. Then sit tight! The particalizer beam will shoot down and rearrange you DNA make up. You are now made into thousands of little atoms and protons! Next you are sucked up into a giant vacuum and sent to your new location . Once there our sophisticated technology will put you back together good as new! I doesn't really hurt at all!
Thanks to this jiffy new way of transportation iEarth (now owned by Steve Jobs clone) has worked toward a healthier state of living! No more holes in our ozone! No more drilling for oil. No more smoggy cities! All blue skies from here! Plus with iEarth's protec-o shield no more do we have to worry about those pesky space aliens abducting our cows and migrant farm workers!

The Teleporto-Matic is the keen new wave for the future! Don't be square! Be there!

Disclaimer: The Teleporto-Matic is not responsible for misplaced limbs, third eyes or other body part mergers. Might cause nose bleeds, exploding aneurysm, brain cancer, imploded lungs, the black lung, no lungs or football sized tumors. You cannot use the Teleporto-Matic unless you sign our extensive 300 page disclaimer. Teleporto-Matic can only be used by one person at a time. Not responsible for inaccurate GPS positioning. Sunspots will cause misplacement of some or all persons. Not advisable for pregnant women to use Teleporto-Matic.

Star Crossed

Star Crossed

Virgina looked up to the dewy night sky. She was in her flat boat transporting her favorite jersey cow; Petunia. While transporting Petunia every night Virginia would made habit to absently scan the night when making her trip. Her sea glass eyes laced over the night sky counting the stars. Never once thinking that someone was looking back. It was a long trip and the auto pilot was set. Virginia laid flat on the deck. Her arms behind her head. Petunia looked up with Virginia periodically from her hay bag.
Petunia let out a hardy moo. Her large brown eyes seeking console from Virgina.
“Well I don't know Petunia. It's kinda silly to believe in space aliens don'tcha think?”
That wasn't what Petunia was asking or saying. But Virginia had an active imagination.
What Petunia had actually tried to convey was “ Stop rocking the flat boat. Your turning one of my four stomachs.”
Virgina has a habit of talking to her bovine best friend. Mostly because being on a compound there were very few children. The population control act passed by the government light years before she was born. Virginia was an act of love between her parents but against the court of law with out permit.

The only person who really knew what Petunia was saying to Virginia was James and he was a space alien who watched her from the skies. Captain James Sydney looked like your typical human. Not the mythical space aliens depicted by human television and science fiction culture. James thought the ancient documentation of “Deep Space Nine” and “ Start Trek” were hysterical. He loved humans and their sense of humor. He was 6ft tall, blue eyes, bronze hair, muscular build and 300 years old. He had the striking features of James Dean. His skin was moonlight metallic. Same for his hair and his eyes glowed an electric blue. That was the difference the Callipian was a metallic version of a human. James hailed from the Betelgeuse nebula from a planet called Calliope.
Calliope was a lot like Earth. In fact it is a replica. Created by the Great Ones. The Great Ones where in earth urban legends known as 'Grey's' The Grey's were scientists gathering information for reproduction of the planet. The Grey's knew that humans were destructive. They would normally allow for a planet like this to self destruct as most do. That was just the nature of science. However the Great Ones needed the humans. Their race was haunted by a viral strain that nearly wiped out their race. They were smart, but could not keep up at the rapid epidemic that came over them in a wave. What they found was that humans were strong and adaptable. The human race DNA was uncomplicated and easily manipulated. Strong enough to move to a new planet. Even stronger to reproduce. The Great Ones decided that to prevent most cancers they made the Callipians metallic so that they could reflect harmful radiations. Which was a down fall for humans. A strong break in their DNA strain.

James laughed and gazed back to Virginia. Silly girl he thought. Doesn't she know what her cow is saying? Lovingly he gazed back into her sea green eyes. Her dirty blond hair blowing in the night wind. Wanting to kiss her plummed lips. He loved her. He has loved her her whole life. Little did Virginia knew that she was being scouted. Even less that her planet was going to implode in 28 days. James bit his lip when he thought about this.

Roxanne entered into the room. She was James' First mate and the ship's head Scientist who ran the expedition.
“James, she can't hear you. She can't hear the cow. She is primitive. She has no telepathic capabilities.”
Roxanne was smart. She was beautiful. She was also a Hybrid. Her wide violet eyes dilated larger towards James. She was always fond of him. She kept her long platinum hair back in a typical pony tail. It was white like starlight. She wore her typical blue uniform.
“ I know. It's just that she's just so funny, Roxanne.”
Roxanne pursed her lips and gave a slanted look. James had no clue of the violence and the destruction the human race had endured. Roxanne was a witness to it. Weeding out the bad from the good. Apparently she played the role of Santa Claus. Giving the good children the blessing of being recreated. Virginia was nothing more than a subject to her. She watched the young girl sail back and forth talking to a cow her entire life. Roxanne recorded all of Virginia's movement. The starship Thalia hung in Earth orbit for 3,000 years, Roxanne always at the helm. It was Roxanne's job to recruit new DNA profiles to add to Calliope. The planet was not fully populated and needed the right emotional environment. The Great Ones where attempting to eliminate war and crime. Humans were prone to violence. The Great Ones wanted to prove to the Galactic Console that planet and race reproduction was possible. That transfers of mind were also possible. That improving on a DNA strain was possible. The Calliope project had been running for 4,000 years. James was the newest captain of the ancient ship. As a young Capitan of the Galactic Console. His was is first cruise since graduating from the Academy.
Roxanne had sensed over the years that James had a attraction to Virginia. She never tried to discourage it she thought that he would have just out grown it. It's been 20 Earth years and James loved her more everyday. Roxanne sighed when she looked at the young Captain. Hybrids where capable of telepathy & empathy. Being logical. But she felt his heart grew fonder for her everyday. Roxanne had to do something. It was not like Roxanne to hide anything from her Captain. However she had a report that she had not shown him. On her desk was a report that stated in charts and graphs that the Earth was going to implode sooner than expected. She needed to go down to extract Virginia's DNA strain and bring it to Calliope. She never hid anything from him. Only this. If he knew he would override the Consoles direct orders and save the young girl along with her cow. Roxanne was accurate and made no mistakes. She told no lies. But she can't break protocol. James was young and reckless. He doesn't understand the repercussions if he brings her a board. She would die of pure insanity. Not being able to comprehend and even if she could she would be able to take in what was happening she couldn't survive on Calliope. Her skin was not metallic. She doesn't have extended life expectancy or the other needed altered DNA signatures to survive. Roxanne hummed to herself while thinking about a solution.
She loved James like a son. But he had to learn. Don't fall in love with subjects. She reminded him this rule his first day. Reminiscing now.
“Maybe I should have been tougher with him?” Roxanne spoke to herself.
“With whom Dear?”
Thalia awoke. She was the intelliframe that ran the ship. Thalia was the ships brain and central nervous system. She knew everyone in, on or around her. She was the only thing older than Roxanne.
Roxanne looked towards the ceiling at a beautiful light blue pearled orb. Thalia hovered in front of Roxanne.
“Oh... James...he doesn't know.” Roxanne pursed her lips.
“Roxanne, you know it's against protocol to hide things from the Capitan.”
“I know, but he's in love with DNA strain 626 and her cow.”
Roxanne really didn't care for Petunia. After one extraction mission Petunia charged her. Petunia knew better. She knew Roxanne. Just didn't like her. Said Roxanne wasn't right and smelled funny. Petunia also knew of the condition of her home planet. She agreed to go only if Roxanne would take her Virginia too. Roxanne said she would think about it. Hence the charging. If anything humans were could at construction and going through that barn door hurt.
“Roxanne? Did you hear me?”
“I'm sorry Thalia. I was in deep thought. What can I do? You know the repercussions.”
“Go back and speak to Petunia. Extract them both. I will work out the rest.” The blue aura that was Thalia had faded. She went back to her deck to calculate.

The alarms went off. The planet showed distress. Time was sort. Roxanne ran to the teleport deck.
When she arrived. She saw James departure.
“What are you doing? The Capitan is to never leave the ship!!” Roxanne screamed.
She jumped on the teleport deck.
“Thalia, send to James coordinates.” Roxanne commanded.
With in a breath Roxanne saw herself on Earth unstable surface. James was holding Virginia's hand. Virginia was reaching out towards Petunia. Crying for her best friend.
“James! James! What are you doing?” she screamed over volcanic winds.
“I couldn't let her die! You know that!”
“rrr... Fine! Have Thalia grab you two, I'll grab the damn cow.”
Roxanne raced towards Petunia. The cow looked at her.
”About time smelly thing. Get us out of here!” said Petunia
Once on the deck. Virginia laid in James arms. The smoke from the volcanic storm filled her lungs. Her skin was burned. The cow moo'ed on the deck. Virginia did not move.
“Thalia! Are you here? What do we do?” James called out to her.
The blue orb descended from the ceiling.
“Hmmmm.... bring them both to the regenerators. Let me see what I can do to save her.” the orb glided to Roxanne.
“I'm not sure what I can do. But I will try my best.”
James looked back at Roxanne with daggers in his eyes.
“I'm sorry.” she mouthed to her Captain.
“I'll be in my quarters. Thalia come get me when you have the final results on Virginia.”
“Aye, Captain.”
Roxanne had tears in her eyes. She didn't mean to lie to him.. She didn't want too. But she couldn't risk a security breach. She couldn't risk his life. She made James from scratch. He was her first reproduction, but little known to him.
Many hours had passed. Thalia came to Roxanne first.
“Couldn't save her. I was however able to extract her full DNA strain.626 is safe.”
Roxanne looked at Thalia. Thalia's blue light glowed on her face.
“Thalia, I'll go talk to him.”
Roxanne brought herself to James' quarters.
“James, I need talk to you.”
No answer.
“James. Please.”
Roxanne allowed herself in his quarters. James was at the window staring out into the Galaxy.
“James I'm sorry. I just couldn't..”
“Will she be alright?” James called back over his shoulder.
“Virginia can be cloned. But not here. We have to bring her back to Calliope.”
“Why? Why couldn't you tell me? You're not allowed to lie to me.”
Roxanne stopped. Tears in her eyes.
“Because you're my son. I couldn't allow you to be killed. I was willing to sacrifice all things including her, the perfect strain, for you.”
“You what? Made her too? She's my sister?”
“No no... I was responsible for her creation. I made her in the lab. Will you allow me to explain?”
“Not now Roxanne. I need time to think.”
James looked towards the ceiling. “Thalia? Set course to Calliope.”
“Aye, Captain.”

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have holly jolly shopping binge....

I have been stalking Ulta & Old Navy & Game Stop & Walmart & Target & ModCloth(even though I don't think their clothes would fit me and perfect 1950 sirens figure. They believe that 36 x 30 is the largest chest to wait ratio for their sizing that they have. Sadness.)

ANY OLD WAY... even though I don't have the money currently it doesn't mean I can't window shop.

If someone where to give you one of those American Express Black unlimited cards and offer to pay the bill for you what would you buy?

Here's my list:

From Ulta:

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist:  A rich and sensual fragrance defined by notes of orchid, jasmine, lily and sandalwood.

Original Sin & Eye Shadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay: An ULTA exclusive! Urban Decay's miracle Eyeshadow Primer Potions are unmatched in the beauty industry! The genie in these bottles fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. A $34 value. Offered at $26.

Urban Decay: Book of shadows II: Like a sequel to a great novel that you were sorry to see end, Book of Shadows is back with Volume II to captivate us once again.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit: The Natural Eye Kit by Too Faced contains everything you need to create the pretty, soft, and slightly sexy "natural eyes" you've seen on supermodels and celebrities and have always wanted to perfect for yourself.

Urban decay's lipstick in Wanted, Buzz Kill & Apocalypse.

Hot Tools Tourmaline IONIC® Professional Dryer winner of the Salon Plus Editor's Choice! Equipped with high-endurance technologies, this dryer transforms airflow into a hydrating spa treament! Bonus! Drawstring travel pouch included.

Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler with battery. Curls stubborn lashes all at once or a section at a time. Can be used after applying mascara

 Claresonic Skin Care System: A gentle sonic micro-massage for cleaner, healthier skin. Clarisonic is the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores.

24/7 Pencil Set: Both in Hi-Fi and Stereophonic


Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Balance Board - Value Bundle

Moved to Tiers Dress :

You'll invoke an agglomeration of emotions in fellow fashionistas when you don this demonstrative, dashing sleeveless blue dress at an upcoming holiday soiree. Party guests will undoubtedly be struck by your splendid silhouette in this form-fitting dark cerulean blue dress. Princess seams across the bust, an exposed brass back-zip, a scoop neck at the front and back, and a comfortable waistband panel ensure a fit that's both flattering and functional. For additional affectivity, angular ruffles gracefully adorn the left shoulder strap, while four tiers elegantly ebb from below the waist to the flowy hemline. An allover lustrous shine and a silky smooth lining are the final embellishments which make this frock prettily poignant. Style with gold accessories, a knit cropped cardi, printed tights, and fancy metallic T-straps for a sentimentally savvy ensemble!

Je Ne Sais Quoi Dress

Admiring onlookers won't be able to pin down your effervescent elegance when you arrive at the gala in this silky steel blue, vintage-inspired dress, by indie designer Stop Staring! A black mesh overlay, embellished with perfectly placed polka dots, gracefully falls to just below the flowy hemline of this frock's full skirt to add mystery to your maven fashion. The form-fitting waistband panel and back zipper tailor a flattering fit, while pleated, short sleeves and a crossover V-neck bodice shape a savvy silhouette! The key to creating an enchanting ensemble is easy to articulate - style this gorgeous gown with black fishnets, patent pumps, silver necklaces, and a veiled fascinator!

Unicorn Princess Heels in Gold 

Whether you've just stepped out of a storybook or just stepped out for a night on the town, mythically perfect shoes are a must. By shoe guru Jeffrey Campbell, these golden-hued pumps feature a dramatic ruffle, peep-toe and a unicorn-inspired heel you'll have to see to believe. Pair it with a dress fit for a princess and sparkly accessories!

Good thing someone else would be picking up the bill. I have a large appetite! 

This is only day 1 out of 12!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Saga Make Up: Bella

I have been reading the Twilight saga and something has me thinking. Now I did see the movies I am well aware of the characters look like.But I don't look like them. So I did my own thing. Sorta. I was really geeked to go to New Moon that I did my make up for Twilight. Now mind you I am not a big Kristen Stewart fan. I thought they could have found a better actress. Bella was just the first and the easiest to start with.

I grabbed inspiration from the movies and the books and decided that I would like to do make up tutorials reflecting my interpretation of each character.

So each segment I will do I character, list what I'm using and how I used it. Highlighted links will bring you to where I used the unique items incase you would like to buy them. Samples at Aromaleigh are $1.00 and Kristen will ship the samples for free. But just the samples.

Still using the crappy camera. However new one will be ordered soon.

I'm starting with Bella. I got really excited because Linda and I were going to see New Moon after Christmas shopping and I wanted to get into the mood. So I wore my flannel shirt, lacy camisole & torn up jeans (they're cuter than sounding right about now) For make up I used all Aromaleigh products except for mascara & base.

For this look I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Boots 360 Mascara
Kohl eyeliner in black
Eyeshadow from Aromaleigh's Elemental Lustre Collection in Flash, Entangle & Swank
Eyelash curler
Flat brush
Angled brush
Domed blending brush

(hey look! there's my foot. hello foot.)

Colors: Flash, Entangle and Swank

OK little hard see.. totally get it.

I will explain:

Inner corner: Entangle
Outer corner: Flash

Next: blend like a mo-fo. Try not to go over the crease.

Take a black eyepencil and line you upper lash line. Semi heavy. You need back up for your eyelashes this allows you to make them look a thicker.


Next take your angled brush and put a drop of eyeshadow sealant then dip it in eyeshadow Swank, if you don't have that use saline solution. Line the upper and lower lashes.

Curl your lashes after your liner dries and then add two coats of mascara.

Finished product: Aromaleigh Glissade 2W fondation with Illuminator finishing powder on top. Romance at Dusk Pure Rouge blush. Entangle, Flash, Swank on eyes. Sylvie on lips.

(Can you tell that I'm Smeyezing? Tyra's way of saying smiling with your eyes.)

Thanks again to Kristen Bell from Aromaleigh!
Great products for the anyone with an unlimited imagination!
 Start playing dress up again!