Sunday, February 28, 2010


I did some mad shopping this weekend. But I guarantee it was everything I probably needed. (More than likely.)

I did my first order to Purely Cosmetics. I ordered the Oil Absorb & the Diamond finishing powder.  Which I needed. And some eyeshadow.. which I didn't need. I also ordered some stuff from  Which was eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. I did not need any of those things. But I wanted them.
I also went to Kohl's today and I got new bra's and panties. Those I needed. The 2 tops I also acquired in the process. I did not need those but justified that because I could wear them at work I should buy them. Plus they were cute. I was also at target this weekend. I bought new pj's (needed) barrette's(also needed, they are sparkley and cool like mermaid fins) new Percy Jackson book(not needed but reading right now) and gum(desperately needed).

Little bit of this. Little bit of that. Everyone always need new bra's & underwear. Plus reading is good for you. so is fresh breath. never know when you'll me Orlando Bloom. Not saying that would ever happen but just saying maybe it might.

Anyways. I have to get back to school work. I must study for a final.

Have a great week all!

TTFN - Michelle

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm blinding you with science.

Last week I picked up a new product from Bath & Body Works.

Body Mist
Sensual - Sandalwood Fig $15.00
Feel irresistible. This fragrant body mist is infused with an aromatherapy blend of Sandalwood Essential Oil and pheromone to help boost your self-confidence and put you at ease so you feel irresistible. Spritz all over your body anytime you need a burst of romance. 

  • Breathe deeply for best results
  • Never tested on animals
  • Fragranced with Essential Oils and other natural fragrances

Ok so does this stuff really work? I wore it all week and did not tell anyone I was laced with extra pheromones.  I did tell my boyfriend Jeff. To which he said this experiment would not work on him because he was already was in love with me so the pheromones would have no effect. I also reminded him that the night that I had purchased the sample vile of perfume. I was also given a hand massage with the same hand cream. When I got home I had picked up Aoife and petting her and snuggling her, not because I was experimenting but because I forgot and wanted to say hi to one of my cat's. Jeff said that pheromones won't work on cats because they're not people. Well I think it did because Fionn got a whiff of Aoife and bit her really hard. Which most knowledgeable cat owners know that is 'cat' for ' I think you sexy.' or 'I'm turned on by your scent.' 

Jeff thinks this theory is utterly ridiculous. But he was not there for this unplanned experiment. So I'm right. 

Other than the scientific attributes of this body spray what did I think of it?  Well at first I thought it stunk. But curiosity got the best of my so that is why I bought the little vile to test things out. An hour or so later I really enjoyed the scent I was giving off. To me it did not smell like fig, but something warm and green. Not so much floral as is just a green plant like smell. It rounded out later with the smell of sandalwood. It was pleasant and I really did like it.

Scientifically did I feel the pheromones worked? I thought this was appropriate for my first week of work. I did feel that the pheromones did relax me a little bit and I didn't feel over whelmed or nervous like someone should be. Just relaxed and light hearted. If you asked me I think that the possibility that it might have been a placebo effect that gave me the the suggestion of feeling more confident, not so much what was in the perfume, pheromones or not it could had been I believed this because it said so on the bottle and I gave off the sense of more confidence.

Would I buy this product again? I might get a larger bottle of this spray. I would have have to conduct further experiments to determine weather this product really works. 

As for Jeff, well one whiff and he couldn't wait to get me all to himself. Despite already being partial to me already, I think this experiment might have had some effect on him hormonally. It also effected my male cat Fionn. He was more demanding of my attention. Wanted to be around me more and acted more like a shit to just get my attention. 

So it might've work. Again further experiments need to be done in order to conclude final analysis. 

I would suggest if curious go out and try it.  If anything you can have a lot of fun testing this thesis. 


Sunday, February 14, 2010

31 reasons why being single rocks!

Happy Valentines day! Singles awareness day or Friendship day.
Whatever you want to call it today is to celebrate the special people in your life. In my opinion pets are included to this group. 
I've made a fun little list in lieu of this very special day!

1. Clean house. No one but me or the cats to mess it up.

2. Can rearrange the furniture anyway I want and not have anyone bitching about moving the couch.

3.Hogging covers and the bed.

4.I always get a hot shower.

5.Walking around the house naked.

6. If there is only a swig of juice/milk/pop I did it and cannot be pissed.

7. No towels on the floor.

8. Dye my hair whenever I want and can wander around the house. No one to complain of possible dye job drippiness.

9. I can buy what ever I want with out hear ’ How much did THAT cost?’


11. Go to bed after spending all day at the barn/gym and not having to shower. As nasty as that sounds… sometimes when you’re that tired.. you’re just that tired.

12. No difference in music choice. I can blare what ever the hell I want.

13. Dancing. No one to comment the lack there of.

14. Fantasizing about my imaginary rock star boyfriend, when real boyfriend is away doing something else for weeks on end or generaly pisses me off.

15. Never having imaginary rock star boyfriend and real boyfriend ever having to know about each other.

16. Decorating however I want. The girlier the better.

17. Sleeping in silence. NO SNORING.

18. No funny boy smells.(Except from my boy cat Fionn. But he can't help it. He's a cat.)

19. Being able to use any kind of tart in my tart burner with out hearing ‘What the hell is that smell? Burnt Skunk?’

20.I control the temperature in my apartment thank you very much.

21. I also control what’s on the menu every night.

22. And what I choose to watch on TV.

23.Shabby chic EVERYTHING! yaaay! :)!

24.Lounging in gym clothes for hours because I can for as long as I want.

25.Guilty pleasure shopping.

26. Cupcakes for breakfast.

27. Do what you want. Go where you want. No questions asked.

28. Ugly, quirky or weird flannel pj's. comfy always overrides sexy in my book. :)

29.No one can mess up your diet because they insist on having man food in the fridge. 

30.You can have as many cats/dogs/horses as you can afford no one will label you the crazy animal lady. well at least not to your face.

31. Celebrating this day your way and never having disappointment because you didn't get what you want. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blog Award Tag ^_^!

I accept this award from Dani M. at Let them wear gloss!


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I'm a Sally Girl! (and I have no problem saying that!)

I love Sally's. I have loved Sally's since I was a teenager. It's not Sephora or Ulta, but it was there before they opened and there for my fist love. I love my current Sally Beauty in Carmel Mountain. The girls are very nice plus they have Kenneth. A stylist who was a colorist or was a colorist I think he still is? But he's always very happy to give good advice. Such a sweet guy. Scorpio, so works well around women because he's a flirt.

I went yesterday in search of some favorites:

Queen Helene's Jojoba Oil treatment( the best hot oil treatment on the planet)

A sample size  of Argan Oil ( I had the big bottle, but for some reason I think it went bad and tossed it so now I need it because the rain we all screwed up my hair. Something with San Diego water and  rain just really messes everything up. Despite being a very large city. Handling rain was always a problem here.)

Hairtrition: Shampoo sulfate free color safe shampoo Conditioner that prevents up to 63% breakage. Plus when you buy both you get a free full bottle of deep conditioning mask or leave in color protective spray. I went with the mask.

What is Hairtrition from Sally's website: You may eat right and exercise daily, but just how healthy is your hair? It might be lacking essential nutrients it needs to look its best. Hairtrition delivers the vital nutrients your hair requires to be unbelievably manageable, silky, shiny and radiant.

Hairtrition Color Protect products with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Extract and UVA/UVB Protectants protect color up to 66% longer!* Sulfate-free color protect shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair without the use of harsh sulfate or surfactants.  Color protect conditioner hydrates color-treated hair. Color protect leave-in detangler nourishes and creates a protective shield to lock in vibrancy and strengthen hair. Will not weigh down hair nor make it oily.
* Sulfate-free Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a sulfate leading professional shampoo and conditioner. 

Hairtrition Moisturizing products infuse hair with Lllipe Butter, Honey and White Lily Extract to moisturize and fortify dry, damaged hair while reducing breakage by up to 63%*! Moiturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner hydrates and fortifies dry damaged hair. The 3-Minute Deep Moisture Treatment saturates dry, damaged hair and smoothes frayed cuticles.

*Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and Deep Moisture Treatment vs. untreated hair.

So today is day 1 of using the Hairtrition program: Shampoo had a light coconut smell, medium suds. Clean rinse. Deep Mask had a green smell and silky feel when applied. Waited 3 minutes then rinsed. I think I missed a clump of hair in the back of my head because it was very dry feeling so I went back over the the regular conditioner  treatment only on the ends. Again very silky. Smelled a little greenish/ flowery but not over powering then rinsed. I really liked that they did not go overboard with the perfume in this line. With more expensive and inexpensive brands, because I am a migraine sensitive person I have to watch out for scents. Even strong smelling shampoo's can give me a raging headache.

This product is made by Zotos. Which makes a lot of products sold at Sally beauty, both cleaning, and retexturizing.

My hair is a bit temperamental. I can go good with a shampoo and conditioner for about 12 weeks before my hair screams that it does not like it and dry out and loose it's luster.

They says you get with you pay for, but I don't think this statement applies to ALL hair products. Some yes. Not all.  My hair has pulled this act with cheap and very expensive shampoo's. So I think this reverts back to my original theory that base the product to what works with your body chemistry. Same goes with your skin. What works for me may not work for you. My only hope is to give you some insight of where to start.

I let my hair air dry because the weather is weird and I have homework and I don't have the time to really mess with it. (I know I should be doing homework) I have been messing around way too long.) Ugh.. I need to stop procrastinating!

Eitherly... moving forward:

I did add a touch of Argan OilOne 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment is a unique finishing, smoothing and conditioning product derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. Compare to Moroccan Oil and save! Moroccan Oil sells for $40 a bottle. We are in a recession. I love my stylist. But I will not pay for this amount when I can find the same thing only cheaper.

So far so good. Very soft & silky. No dryness. So for $33 I got 2 bottles of jojoba hot oil treatment, a small bottle of argan oil, shampoo, conditioner and a free full size hair mask. Oh yeah and a bottle of China Glaze nail polish in Naked( because I am nail polish freak and can't help myself).

The Sally Beauty discount is amazing! You pay $5 to get started and then they give you a $5 coupon for getting the discount card to use the next month. Can't beat that with a stick.

Ok gotta go! the day is slipping past me as I stand still. Where does the day go?

ttfn! Michelle

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sundays Update

Guess what? I gots me a new digital camera! A Nikon CoolPix S203. It was $40 off at Target but not the reason why I bought it. The reason why I bought it was because it was because it was easy to operate.

I saw they had other cameras but I started to talk to the kid(I don't think he was probably not older than 17, when I had asked him if I could asked a question about the cameras his reply was simply: "What?" So naturally he had to be either a teenager or other worldly being like a space alien. But I'm going with teenager.) I explained I was technical but not camera technical so I told him what I needed and this was what he showed me.  He had explained that the other Nikon's had a lenses issue, but not with this model.  I kinda figured if it was really that big of a deal I could just send it to the manufacture and asked for it to be repaired. It was funny after I warmed him up a bit he was nicer to me. Because I asked him about other cameras and he was good enough to be honest and sell me something he would recommend. Apparently Polaroid doesn't do digital too well. :/  Weston(alien teenager from Target) also informed me why I had to be carded for buying canned air. Apparently a few weeks ago some lady had bought a few cans and was huffing in her BMW in the target paring lot. I know for a hoity toity neighborhood like Carmel Mountain? Soccer mom's huffing canned air? Does not surprise me one bit.  Would explain the shitty driving.

Did a test shot:

Me in my make up studio/bathroom rather impressed.
I didn't cut my hair it's just tied back. This is natural walk like an Egyptian texture.
I really love this top. 3/4 sleeves, boat neck and nautical stripes. Very classic.

I know that there are some unhappy reviews about this, but then again everyone is entitled to an opinion. I liked what I saw and compared to what I had before this is good. 

I really wish I had thought to purchase a camera case. Maybe next trip to the store. Will put it on my list.

Additional news that bugs the shit out of me
Please remind me are we in the 21st century? Have we  all decided that cigarettes are really bad for you? I'm a former smoker so of course I'm the worst one of the bunch. I can't even stand the smell of cigarettes. So... I will let you guess who has this monstrous ad in their magazine:

Ok that's a mighty big ad. There are coupons for this product.
Diet pills and Cigarette's. Nice. Don't even get me started on the diet pills. I think the website 3 fat chicks said it best: If diet pills were any good for you they would be endorsed by your doctor not a celebrity or fashion magazine. 

Are you shocked?  My disappointment goes beyond expressed. Out of all the magazines that are out there Marie Claire was the last I would suspect that would hock cigarettes. Diet pills? Fine almost all of them do but in this day in age to endorse cigarettes when we have been banning smoking everywhere else? I'm not OK with this. Scary things happen when you smoke, besides your skin gets all crepe and old looking, you smell like an ash tray, your teeth yellow and your hair gets wrecked. But have I mentioned that when you smoke and you are on birth control pills you greatly increase your chances of getting a blood clot? That is some scary shit. I had a friend who got a blood clot from Yaz and she didn't smoke! It's not worth your health, beauty or your teeth.

Ok Ladies. That is all for right now. I have to crank out some projects from my C++ teacher before he beats the ever living daylights out of me with his Deitel & Deitel Learning C++ hand book, the instructors guide. 

I will have updates on my Sally Beauty haul. They have a new shampoo. Sulfate free under $9.00.